Kingdoms of Power

April 2011 - October 2016

Why did KOP shut down?

A combination of low player population, no purchases for several months, and the rising costs of hosting.

Message from the Admin

"I am sorry for the late notice, but it is what it is. I really hope to have the lookup page made soon, so that you can at least lookup what you, your enemies, and your friends were able to accomplish.

A big thanks out to everyone who has stuck around for the long run the game had. You all were a big part of my life during a trying time (divorce, move, etc) and I cannot tell you how much your love of the game inspired me. I only hope the game and community was truly enjoyable to you as well.

The game came out in 2011 (4/18 by my rather un-organized notes). I hope to see you all in the next adventure."

- Lonig (aka Justin C)

When is the next game coming out?

There is no release date, feature set, or other information for the next game by Wicked Newt.

Be sure to follow @WickedNewt, the Wicked Newt Facebook page, and the Kingdoms of Power Facebook page to get updates.

Are there any plans to take this website offline?

Not at this time. This page, and the Historical area to be added, will remain active until either a new game using Kingdoms of Power name comes out, or Wicked Newt loses all web servers.

Can I get a refund?

There were no purchases in the last several months that would be eligible for a refund.

If another game comes out by Wicked Newt, will my past purchases go towards it?

No. Any new games, titled Kingdoms of Power or otherwise, will not be the same product your past purchases went to.


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